That wonton soup.


Doggie Style

Big major wall done up at a dog daycare, mad heads, good times... Busted some quick doggies to spice things up.


I have a hard time keeping a sketchbook, but I'm constantly doodling. All, over, everything. No scrap piece, notepad, piece of old mail is safe. 



Finally! I've been slacking on this for years. But here it is. Check it out!


Busted this commish out for a good friend of mine. First full color jammie that I've done in a while, but I was pleased with the outcome. Gotta do more of these, and hopefully they'll get done a little quicker.

Acrylic on canvas.


 (What I felt like last week)


(3 months smoke free... swag)

Back At It.

Back to it. Feels good to be up and at em again. Had a pretty crucial week that started by seeing some of the homies in New Hampshire, ended up seeing Odd Future Wolf Gang in the Bean, as well as finishing up a portrait of my friend's son... ahhhh productivity.
 These dudes killed it. Even though it was my first experience being one of the old dudes at the show, it was fresh to see such young kids slaying it.