Big Boned

Damn... I gotta get into shape.

(Bronson pretty much sums it up)

The goal

Used myself as a figure model.


Scotch + Accents =.

The fountain of youth.


Ain't that bad around here...

Fucking Ticks...

If you've ever spent time in the woods during this time of year 'round these parts, you've either heard of or had experience with fucking ticks... They're tiny, disgusting and resilient as fuck. Man I hate these things.



Ate like a champion tonight... I realized how spoiled I am to be surrounded by a bunch of people that are all in the food industry. I gotta start showing off some of these meals.

Servin em in '10.

Mighty Healthy

5 Months without smoke...



Mike P NYC!!!!

The homie Mike P has been KILLING it lately on many fronts. His style is beyond unique. Super excited to get down on some (more) projects with him and to see what this guy cooks up in the near future...

Contact him @ mp80537n@gmail.com


 (Thanks ECW!)

Gypsy Woman

Solo Sunday Spray Stress Relief.


 glasses... yes.


These 2 have been doing tracks together for a bit... heard a rumor they're coming out with something together. I am prepared to listen to nothing but that tape for the remainder of the year. Bet.

And remixed by MADLIB! WHAAAAAAT!


I don't condone vandalism. But graffiti is cool. 

(Not all flicks mine)

Not Dead Yet...

So, I pretty much forgot about updating this thing... Life, relocation, work and surgeries kind of got in the way. But I'm back at it... furrealdoh. Some flicks of where I've been.
 Always strapped
 The 4th got serious...

 Eric Michalovic slays.
 My squad.
 No surprise here.
Private island with a private white sand beach = paradise

Frodo and Pippin
 The fog.