Thank You Based God.

Thankful for so much in my life right now. But who cares. Here's some things I'm really thankful for. I, Mr. McGirt and thankful for:

 Anti-Snitching Enforcement.
Labeling Children As They Are. 
 Be Bop.
 GUCCI! (Two times).
 This one's a two-fer...Racism and Game Boy.
 People with the balls to do what they want.
 African fashion.
 Purple Drank.
 This Guy From Robocop.
Saying "I'm too old for this shit" In Danny Glover's Voice (extremely thankful).
 People with the balls to do what they want.
Guns and Weave.
Smelly Girls with Tattoos.
 Happy Thanksgiving Y'all.


Hidden Gems

Here's a few that I found. Don't think I've ever shared...

Sunday Scrap Can Spray Sessions

That's a lil' alliteration on datass.
Nice Sunday session with some home-bros jam packed with rap ballads, angry thieving old ladies, and forming a hypothesis on the bush patterns of the modern hipster/crust female. All around good time...

(This one's goes out to M-dubbs... nohomodawg)

Facebook Is Magical

I got into a pretty hilarious talk about how facebook has changed everyones lives. These were all found on there by yours truly. 

(Both worth the read^)

This wasn't found on there. But it sums it all up quite well.


Five Panel Hats...

So I got in this conversation with a guy about how psyched I was when I saw 5-panel hats coming back in style. For the last ummmm close to 10-15 years, I've been patiently waiting for the styles from the mid 90's to come back around. You know how every old dude gets stuck in an era? Well I've proudly found my era. I can't wait to break out the Nautica Rugbys, Camo 5-panels and untied Timbs. Everything about that era was ill, the music, the fashion and the overall grittiness of everything was right up my alley... Hyped to start my 5-panel collection.

(I'ma have maaaad flavors... trust)


Libros Negros

It's cold... let the fun-time drawings commence.

Oxbow... Ayuh

Took the ill little trip up to Oxbow Brewing Co. today with the homie Thot... full of good times, good people, great beer and rap sprayin' in the woods... Check these dudes out, REAL cool guys with some bangin' beer. Thanks for having us up guys, we'll be back for sure!