Chuuuch! Pt.4... Complete!

Finished up the job at the Church! It has been a full couple of weeks, but overall this project is rad and I'm looking forward to going in and seeing how the kiddos like it...


Wish List

 (Furreal dough, if anyone has this card, lets talk turkey)



Longtime friend and skateboarder extraordinaire Ben Skrzypek stars in this fucking rad video. A really cool and innovative skate video. Take the time to watch this banger, with the ill cameo from Smeliot.


is a genius.


Chuuuch! Pt.3

Quickie sesh today... waiting for the next paint order to arrive. Can't say it wasn't a productive weekend though...

Center for Maine Contemporary Art

This weekend I had the privilege of going up to the Center for Maine Contemporary Art and painting a wall for my big homie RICH's showing. He has teamed up with the "Dunk the Junk" program, and is doing some pretty amazing stuff, that I will keep y'all updated on. They're a great group working for a great cause, and probably some of the most hospitable people I've ever met. Great times with great friends. Thanks again RICH! Next week's opening will be well documented!

 It's beautiful up there
 The man

 (I think this took Rich 30-40 minutes)


After... Vwalah! 


Chuuuch! Pt.2

Another weekend spent with the walls at the Church. This time, with the assistance of a Flocka and M.O.P. Mashup Mix, I was able to outline, highlight and lowlight 200 bricks in one session. The next day I got to cop some scripture tags on top of em. This project is seriously a lotta fun...


 Scripture tags on a painted brick background... can't say I ever thought I'd do that.

(Had this stuck in my head all day)


Damn... I'm genuinely sad right now. These bad boys have been with me through some seriously memorable times. Missions galore, soaked in sewer water and kept on kickin. If these jammies could talk... RIP homes. Y'all will be missed.


The last 2 weeks have brought upon some great things for your boy. I am feeling very, very, very fortunate right now. Not trying to put too much personal business out there, but I am in an amazing place right now... Photo evidence:

 "What are you doing with that prawn man?"
(Step ya District 9 game up son)
 Step Ya Phytoplankton Game Up.
 The Itis.
Lotsa New News to Me... I Guess I'm Getting Old.
Waits Until They're Clean.
Bugs Bunny Hungry Man Dinner.


All Limbs In Tact

New Years was a shitshow. I really have nothing else to say about it.


Thank God we made it.