Alcohol n' Apples

It's that time of year again... That magical time of year when apples are fermented and turned into alcoholicy goodness. Mmmmmm, so hyped.

(Quickie flyer for a cider event)
And this. All Day.

Just Keep Swimming.

Uber busy with the day job, mural prep, random side gigs. Attempting to remain focused and not burn out. Here's a few things that keep that fire under my ass lit...

 (The CONTRA code?!?!?!? WOW)


KC Muhfuckin Russel.

The dude does it like he's doin' it for TV. Do yourself a favor and check the man out. Big humungous ginormous things going on with this guy. Flicks fah daaaayyyyssss.



The Press Herald did a pretty rad article on our mural... (Photo credits too... swag)
Read it HERE


Sometimes I Feel Like...

If you've ever busted out a can of paint in public, you know that you can acquire a crowd really easily. This past weekend while working on the Asylum production, I decided to take flicks of people taking flicks of us. It was actually a lot of fun, because they can't deny you. Totally doing this again...

(Not even near the total...)

Felt like Rockwell...


Insert Rocky Theme...

Annnnd a month, countless hours and fumes later... the Asylum Mural is done. THANK YOU to all the homies that were involved. I think we done outdid ourselves boys... Truly one for the books. Hopefully we won't have to pay for it all next year!



Pho Toes

I'm so hyped right now... I went and printed off some photos today and it totally reminded me how rad hard copy flicks are. I'm going nuts. Printing errything. There's something about holding them that make you look at them for so much longer and really take the image in... 


Didn't Know You Like To Get Wet...

Fucking rain... Ruins some of my favorite activities. It's cool for a day (preferably a work day), but after that, it's just annoying... I have no idea how you Pacific Northwesterners do it.
 Rainy Day activities
 Over it
 These help
 We lurk good
 Scallop, sushi and sake... score.
Heart attack.



(Aerial view of Wall St.)
You New Yorkers are restoring my faith in humanity (never thought I'd say that)... keep up the good work.


That's What Friends Are For...

Can you smell that? Yeah, that's you dying in 5...4...3...

Too much awesomeness to comment on HERE