Chuuuch! Pt.1

Currently working on an entire children's room for a local church. You may be asking yourself, how did you paint inside a church without bursting into flames? Well, I was just as surprised as you. The people have been great and I'm excited for the extensive work ahead.


Amore con Tattoo

Heavily tattooed honeys. My achilles heel.

 (Her... again)


I say it way too much. But I mean it... I fucking mean it.

 He won.


Jacket. Kufi. S-Curl. Man Purse?

This is on my bucket list.


Mr. Mothafuckin BACK!

I've said it before, and I will constantly reiterate. I have amazingly talented friends that I am so privileged to know and have as constant inspiration. The homie BACK is one of the most thorough and skilled writers I have ever met. Dude has been slaying it for years with dope style and razor sharp cleanliness. Chances are he can bench press you too. Keep up the good work man!

City Skyline part DEUCE!

Got commissioned to do a painting of the Portland skyline. Pretty much a mini version of the Bruno's wall. It was a lot of time and a lot of fun. Looking forward to more acrylic adventures during this hibernation season. Thanks to Gucci Mane for providing me with hours of entertainment while painting, and thank you to my lady for not throwing a brick at me after the 100th "BURR!" was screamed at the top of my lungs...

 Bruno's Biggie from last year
12" x 36" acrylic, gesso and a spritz of spray on canvas.


Another spurt of inactivity that I deeply apologize for, for really real, I am sorry. You know the story though, life, work and more work. I will definitely say though that I am thankful for how busy I have been with work and artwork projects. I will be updating a lot more since there are multiple rad things happening at once...
(Why did this dude taaallllkkk sooo slooowwww?)


Howie Dewett

I'm old, I'm busy and I'm always hungry...

 Lighting matches with your teeth. Boss.

 Daddy Fat Sacks.
 Don't Get Shanked.

 Dog Makeout Session. 
Superior Intelligence.