Spray Brain...

A weekend full of production work left me borderline braindead and so agitated I could kick a baby. But overall it was a blast, and a great time with some good homies... 

 (One arm rolling... G status)


Allllmost there.

Oh Word?

Damn son... Damn. 
(But you know there was still that dude trying to "walk her home" that night... vultures)

Drunk Driving on a Wednesday...

Shit is bangin...
Glad to hear the old El-Producto is still with us...


Sometimes, I hate everyone. 
I've come a long way with my misanthropic and aggressively angry ways. But every once in a while, it pops back up and I want to blast some M.O.P., grit my teeth and punch something repeatedly. Maybe it's because I've spent so much time around people lately... Idunno. The trees used to suppress it, but those are gone. Why can't I be young and reckless again?



I Kicks The Truth...

To the young white youth.
I was doing my part and picking up scraps that people had thrown down for the wildlife to enjoy, and I look up and see these little fellas having a blast. I was hyped (partly because I already had my flicks), and asked if I could take a pic. I wish more people saw how much fun these walls can be for people of all types and ages... Masks wouldn't have hurt though.



Does this really exist?


It had been a while... forgot how tasty these wings are

Spray and bucket paint collabo with Bret
All spray signage (their lettering)


Day 1...
 Day 2...
My neck, my back...


Oh, To Be Young...

This young man has a bright future ahead of him.

"Das Real Rap Homie"

My little cousin was over coolin, maxin and relaxin, and I wanted to put on some jammie jams to break the silence. That's when I realized that the majority of hip-hop on my computer was definitely inappropriate. Not shocking, I know. But it's the first time I've ever run into this situation... Maybe I should expand my musical palette.. suggestions?

We settled on Madlib instrumentals... word.


Old sketchbooks at the parents... Love em'


The King. Still gettin' it.


Mike P Goes To The Parade

Mike P got some pretty awesome shots of the West Indian Day Parade...

(Ghood-Lawd Hab Murcy!)