Binga's Beginnings...

Great memories.
So, I rolled out the wall on this with a cop sitting right across the street. All gravy. I take out a can and BLAOW, WOOP WOOP! Officer was on me in an instant, all in my ass with 1,000 questions. I had an interesting (one-way) conversation about how its all good when its a paintbrush, but as soon as a spray can gets busted out, people are offended and all hell breaks loose. He validated my ID and I assured him that if I was doing something illegal, it wouldn't be right in his face, mid-morning. A week later I went back after work for flicks, and the same cop was there, he flagged me down, commended me on the job, and had a (one-way) conversation on how amazing he thought it was that it was all done with spray paint. Thanks officer.
(Character by RICH)

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