Graffiti... I mean, Aerosol Art.

My other girl. My love-to-hate, hate-to-love succubus that has consumed, wrecked (at points), and made my life pretty fucking awesome. Sometimes I really struggle with the fact that I dedicated so much of my life to something like this. I see friends that have spent equal amounts of time obsessing over lucrative things (like food, beer, or finances), and they're chillin right now. I mean, I tried to do that, but nothing (seriously, nothing) has enamored me to the point of spending hours, days, and years studying and practicing like graffiti has. I really hate the beef, drama, trouble and stress it can bring into your life (and your family's). But there's something about it. For those that don't know, it can never be explained. But to this day, when I see a burner or crazy spot done with class, tradition and style, I STILL geek out like a 10 year old finding that coveted toy under the tree on Christmas morning. I'm older, wiser (I think) and chilling out a lot, so my days of depreciating property value are long gone; but I will always find a way to study letter forms and execute style-writing. And if you disagree with it, cool, I get it. But you have to admit that a group of inner-city youths taking the most innate form of artistic expression (marking your territory) and turning it into a world-wide phenomenon, and art form within itself, is pretty fucking impressive. I didn't want to put much on here about this subject, actually I was going to leave it out all together. But it's something I am learning to not be ashamed of.

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